Integrated Design 360 LLC
  • Our team exists for the future.

    We exist to protect the planet for future generations. We envision humanity thriving and developing a healthy approach to inhabiting this planet.

About Us

At Integrated Design 360, our experienced green building consultants offer sustainable design and construction services to organizations across California and the United States. Located in Menlo Park, CA, we're proud to be a certified, women-owned small business, and we utilize integrated, collaborative processes to improve efficiency for buildings and government organizations. Learn more about our company philosophy.  


We are in unprecedented times of environmental change that demands intentional leadership and action. The future will require organizations who are leaders in the areas of sustainability, green building, energy efficiency, climate change, and resilience. Therefore, our firm exists for the future. We are the strategy leaders and technical support staff to our customers working to accelerate their organization towards reaching their sustainability goals.

Our Silicon Valley headquarters bring the best of technology and innovation to our service delivery throughout North America. We provide distinctive sustainability and green building consulting services. In our geographical region, we physically imbed our staff into the location of our customers as on-site contractors. We become part of their team.

Our Purpose

We exist to protect the planet for future generations. We envision humanity thriving and developing a healthy approach to inhabiting this planet. As a result of our purpose, we commit to empower and enable organizations to fulfill on sustainability and climate action plans that are of interest or importance to their community, and in the process, leave that organization’s realities transformed towards a more sustainable future. We give organizations more power to fulfill on their sustainability goals thus contributing to the future and the resilience and of our planet. 

Our Values


We are continuously striving to innovate in our business areas and raise the bar on advancements in our industry. Staff engages in on-going training to stay up to speed on the constant changes in building design strategies, technology, governance, and culture related to green building and sustainability.



We take the lead in helping our customers meet and exceed their environmental sustainability goals. Our staff shows competence and enthusiasm in the subject of environmental sustainability and we are confident in our ability to meet the customers’ needs. We operate using our internal training programs, systems, and standards.



We work closely together to achieve our company goals and vision. We maintain a positive attitude and practice loyalty to one another for the good of the group and the company.


Personal Responsibility

Each staff member feels a personal responsibility for environmental change and is excited about our work. The combination of our individual hard work creates an integrated business model and a high performing team. Everyone depends on everybody else to do their job. Practicing integrity and honesty is at the core of who we are.



We work efficiently, have fun, and enjoy our lives when we are not at work. Happy employees creates happy customers.  We maintain a great sense of humor.


Our Community 

We believe in remaining an active part of our environmental community. We can only remain environmental leaders by sharing our knowledge and expertise with the community and by learning from our peers. We are active in our industry and are committed to transforming the build environment together with our colleagues.

Green Building Council Member | Integrated Design 360
Building Decarbonization Coalition | Integrated Design 360
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