Integrated Design 360 LLC

LEED Consulting Experts Based In The San Francisco Bay Area

Integrated Design 360 offers design, building, and consulting services to help your company move toward sustainability. We are located in San Carlos, CA, part of the San Francisco Bay area, but often serve businesses and organizations across the state of California. Whether you are looking to convert a single building with sustainable systems or develop a new, entirely sustainable campus, our team provides LEED consulting services to help you meet all LEED requirements during your design and construction process.

LEED Consulting Services

A Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Certified building has been constructed to be environmentally friendly by saving water, energy, and resources and generating less waste. Our team provides LEED consulting services to turn virtually any building into a LEED-certified one. It’s important for all teams involved, from design and construction to management, to be on the same page when it comes to sustainable building processes. Our team works with building owners, design teams, and other parties to ensure that LEED requirements are satisfied. We’ve completed projects to help private companies and government agencies meet their sustainability goals and lead a more environmentally-conscious existence. Our goal is to help organizations reduce their overall environmental impact by implementing a greener approach to building and committing to eco-friendly practices.

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