As economics and policies related to green building and energy codes rapidly change, the environmental stewardship responsibilities mount. Staying current with the ever-changing policies can seem like a moving target while staff seem to have less and less time to devote to these complex challenges.

That’s where we come in.

Leadership Opportunities

Give your jurisdiction access to outside resources to align with sustainability.

Protect Staff Time

We take care of staying up to date on green policy changes and serving project applicants so your staff can stay focused on critical tasks such as life safety.

Streamline Operations

Our focused attention on processes, procedures, forms, and worksheets ensures work is streamlined and easy to use.

Our Green Carpet Service provides the knowledge and the team support that cities and organizations need to lead sustainability programs with confidence.

Virtual Help Desk™

Green Building Officials,
On-Demand at Your Service

The Green Carpet Service Virtual Help Desk™ gives you, your staff, and your jurisdiction access to expert and reliable technical support when you need it.

Help Desk Provides:

On-call technical experts

Concierge style experience

Customizable programs to support plan check and inspection

Streamlining related to green building and energy codes

Green Building Help Desk/Counter Services

Ticket system & 24-hour turn around for inquiries

Standards for prompt service

Virtual options and staff training


Your Knowledge Base for Sustainable Building and Sustainable Policy & Programs

We leverage our expertise, technology, and superior customer service to provide exceptional resources regarding green building and energy-related codes.

Here are some of the areas we know best:

Green Carpet Services Packages

Consulting & Team Support That Scales With Your Needs

The Green Carpet Service can be customized to provide optimal support for your needs.


  • Staff Training Program


  • Staff Training Program
  • Virtual Green Help Desk™


  • Staff Training Program
  • Virtual Green Help Desk™
  • Program Streamlining Service


  • Staff Training Program
  • Virtual Green Help Desk™
  • Program Streamlining Service
  • Customized Program Design & Management

Ready for the Green Carpet Service?

Contact us to discuss how we can serve you!

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