Using our data-driven and methodical WELL building consulting services, we guide commercial business owners to achieve a WELL v2 certificate for their organizations.

What is WELL?

The WELL is a green building standard. It is a performance-based system of rating that companies use to measure, certify, and monitor built environment features. The requirements create solutions related to how buildings impact humans' health and well-being through water, air, light, comfort, nourishment, mind, and fitness.

International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), a public benefit corporation, manages and administers WELL. This organization's mission is to improve the health and well-being of the human population.

The basis of WELL is extensive and in-depth medical research that establishes that there is a direct relationship between the health and wellness of building occupants and its environment. WELL-certified buildings and developments help create a better and conducive built environment for humans that improve their mood, health, fitness, nutrition, and sleeping patterns.

The Green Business Certification Institute (GBCI), which also administers the LEED professional credentialing and certification programs, provides certification for the WELL Building Standard.

How We Help

We closely work with you to identify, integrate, and execute viable building design strategies into your new or existing structures. Plus, we find synergies between other rating systems and WELL to apply to your project and the various phases of verification. Our experts serve you from the idea through the construction phase and building occupancy while preparing and organizing documents to submit for WELL certification.

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