We help local governments demonstrate leadership in the community by developing new policies related to decarbonization and green building that are innovative, practical, and responsible in addressing climate change.

Lead with Green

Local policies reflect a community's priorities and can establish cities as leaders. Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, climate change, green building, and resilience by developing and implementing new policies centered around environmental performance.

Environmental and sustainability policies can address subjects such as:

  • Green Building
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Building Electrification
  • Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
  • Landscape/Water Conservation
  • Construction Waste Disposal
  • Stormwater Maintenance


The ID360 Advantage

We’ll help you stand out. Become a leader in sustainability. We will help you develop new, bold policies around green building, climate change, and resilience.

We’re with you every step of the way. From writing technical criteria for city ordinances to coordinating community engagement and securing city council buy-in, we’ll help ensure you reach your sustainability goals.

We are predictable & transparent. Our detailed process is tried and true. We will walk you through every step, so you know exactly what to expect.

We’re focused on you. We are a small, dedicated company without internal politics or complicated chain of command. You’ll work directly with a member of our team who is well-versed in policy development.

Experience matters. As more cities go green, more consulting agencies are entering the market. We’ve been here since the beginning and have over 20 years experience in green policy design and implementation, as well as green building.

We have a 360° view. We understand policy, policy development, and all the politics surrounding it. We also understand the technical side of green building. This gives us the unique advantage of approaching policy development with multiple perspectives in mind.

We know policy. Our founder started in policy development. We understand the challenges city governments face and how innovative policies can help them stand out as leaders.

This is all we do. The sustainability movement is growing and evolving. You can rely on us to know all the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Turn Conversations into Codes

We understand what community members care about, what building developers care about, and what architects and engineers care about. Translation: we know how to create policies that will pass.

  • You’ll receive a dedicated project manager who will be available via phone or email to answer any questions throughout the project.
  • We will share best practices and help you design a policy that will work for your specific community.
  • We will coordinate and manage all community engagement activities.
  • We will write the technical criteria for the policy.
  • We will help you prepare for city council meetings and even present the specifics of the policy for you.
  • We will manage the codification process to get your new ordinance(s) into the municipal code.


Our Process

Understand Your Goals.

First, we will meet with you to discuss the goals of the city, community members, and the city council. We need to understand what community members are actively involved in wanting the policy, what the requests are, what the policy needs to do, as well as what it does not need to do. We will meet as many times as necessary to fully understand the objectives you ultimately want to achieve.

Engage the Community.

Next, we will help you decide on the community engagement process. Community engagement is a critical step and there are two ways to involve the community in policy development:

  • Develop policy concepts first and bring it to the community for feedback, or
  • Go to the community first for ideas and then develop the policy.

We will help you understand the process for each strategy, but ultimately it is your decision and we will move forward however you want to handle it. Either way, we will coordinate and manage a series of meetings to ensure the community can comment and give input on the city’s plans.

Develop Ordinance.

Once we understand what the community wants, we will help develop the necessary city ordinance(s). We will write the technical criteria needed for the ordinance(s) and provide to the city attorney to be formally drafted in accordance with your city’s ordinances.

Present to City Council.

Once we have a finalized ordinance, it will be put on the city council agenda for adoption. We will write the necessary staff report that includes what we heard from the community as well as prepare a presentation for the council members. We will attend the city council meeting with you, help present the ordinance, and ask the city council to approve it. 

Codify Ordinance. 

After city council approval, we will help with the codification process so the new ordinance can be added into the municipal code. If the ordinance needs to go to a special commission (i.e. the energy commission), we will assist in that process as well.

Once an ordinance is codified, we can also help with adoption and implementation. 


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