Develop buildings that enhance and protect humans' health and wellbeing within workspaces. Whether a single project or a complete building portfolio, we guide your team through a simple, cost-effective, and seamless process of Fitwel Certification.

What is Fitwel?

Fitwel is a user-friendly, approachable, and rapidly growing standard that focuses on developing buildings that enhance and safeguard humans' health and wellbeing within workspaces. The General Services Administration and Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) created this certification system to support and improve the wellbeing of building occupants and promote healthier communities at workplaces. This standard includes operational strategies within an evidence-based design that optimizes occupants' productivity, health, and wellbeing.

Fitwel Certification Benefits

The application of Fitwel is suitable for retail, office spaces, residential, and community buildings. There are many known benefits of having an excellent quality of air, adequate natural lighting, quality food, and healthier workspaces and facilities. It is high time that organizations take the health of their employees seriously. Therefore, this system offers several benefits:

  • Improve health, productivity, and wellness of building occupants
  • Provides a cost-effective solution as compared to a similar type of rating systems
  • Raise the value of buildings and constructions
  • Increase the rate of tenant retention and attraction
  • Continuously evolving evidence-based strategies
  • It gives you a benchmark to demonstrate and measure occupants'/employees' care

How We Help

At ID360, we have a team of experienced sustainability consultants who have the expertise to provide guidance and support throughout the process of Fitwel certification.

Using our multi-disciplinary and holistic approach, we focus on helping you achieve Fitwel compliant design in a cost-effective and structured way. Our Fitwel consulting services encompass but are not limited to the following:

  • Facilitating meetings for certification
  • Analysis and review of your building design
  • Establishing specific health and wellness objectives for your project
  • Development and implementation of sustainability strategies
  • Preparing documentation for Fitwel application
  • Submission of your project for Fitwel review

Our specialists work as your reliable partners to guide you in all aspects of certification assessment. We take the burden of Fitwel compliance off your shoulders, coordinating all related activities to ensure that you get Fitwel certification.

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