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City Planning & Building Department Support Services
We Have Years of Experience Providing Expert Green Building Consulting Services to Building Divisions in California Jurisdictions. The State of California places a great deal of environmental responsibility and stewardship on Planning and Building Officials operating in jurisdictions statewide. Often times, the Building Division does not staff environmental experts with knowledge to fulfill on this responsibility. We offer this expertise through our Green Carpet Service. 

Integrated Design 360 Sustainability Product. Green Carpet Service. Serving building officials with expert green building code consulting services.
Green Carpet Service Benefits
In person and Virtual Help Desk services available with Integrated Design 360 for clients in Silicon Valley and across the country.

What we offer:

• Staff Training

• Green Building Help Desk™ 

• Plan Check Support

• Inspection Support

• Program Streamlining Services 

• Program Design & Management

• Policy Development 

• Stakeholder Engagement

• Education & Outreach 

• Metrics Management & Reporting

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Let us roll out the green carpet for your staff!
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