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Welcome to Course #102 Intro to the 2019 California Green Building Code

Students of this course will gain current knowledge about sustainability and green buildings in the context of the 2019 California Green Building Code. This course will bring awareness to the innovative CALGreen code and standards by empowering our industry to apply sustainable design and construction strategies. This course provides introductions to green building and sustainability subject matters to help bring knowledge of environmental building strategies and policy, and to help the design community and local government staff demonstrate leadership in the community.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain knowledge and background of the 2019 California Green Building Code and understand considerations for the future of CALGreen and sustainable development.
  • Identify triggered projects for the 2019 California Green Building Code and how the mandatory and voluntary measures change the requirements of a project.
  • Increase awareness of logistical impacts of CALGreen regarding plans, specs, permitting, documentation, inspection, and local enforcement.
  • Identify CALGreen enforcements in various California jurisdictions.