As our team continues to closely monitor the outbreak of COVID-19, our thoughts go out to all the families that have been impacted. At ID360, we have clear priorities to meet the moment. Our first priority is protecting the health of our employees and community. Our second priority is continuing to provide our clients with the highest quality green building consulting services.

Our team of green building specialists have been operating in a remote structure for many years prior to the COVID-19 crisis and we have developed an organizational structure to support the remote work environment. Since working from home has been part of our culture for many years, there has been no disruption in our availability to provide clients the best green building consulting support.

ID360’s unique business model well positions us to provide organizations with green building expertise during these difficult times.  As a sustainability consulting firm with extensive experience leveraging innovative building design solutions to support human health, our team is ready to support your policy and building design solutions to create healthy buildings for people to live and work.

If your organization needs assistance with reviewing building plans and specifications to incorporate healthy, sustainable design solutions and practices, get in touch with us today.  We can help your team develop appropriate solutions to help your project maintain healthy building practices using best industry practices.

Be well and stay safe!

ID360 Team