Earth Day is a global opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our planet. How we can work together to lift up sustainable solutions, reduce our carbon footprint, and implement greener practices at home and at work. 

For us at ID360, finding sustainable solutions for the built environment as well as helping municipalities design, implement, and manage climate action plans is what we do day in and day out. Earth Day is an opportunity for us to showcase this work and encourage others to take action.

Fortunately, there are many exciting developments that will further our efforts including the recent announcement of $1B in federal funding for technical assistance to states and municipalities to adopt and implement building energy codes. Awarded in grants under the Inflation Reduction Act, this funding highlights the importance of codes to “raise the floor” for the built environment. 

 “The potential impact from these innovations in building codes and standards presents a nearly unprecedented opportunity to benefit all Americans and reduce our contributions to the changing climate.” 

-State and Community Energy Programs

As an organization that has seen the impact of green codes, we are excited that municipalities across the country will have the opportunity to enforce the latest zero-energy model codes to improve residential and commercial construction. We can transition our built environment to be more efficient and sustainable.

Follow us @ID360 to learn the latest about energy reach codes and the Inflation Reduction Act funding. We would also love to hear how you are celebrating Earth Day this year. Drop us a comment on any of our social handles.