Prime: Cahill Contractors
School: Fremont High School
District: Oakland Unified School District 

Cahill Contractors, Inc. is contracted to complete a major renovation project at Fremont High School for the Oakland Unified School District. The project is pursuing CHPS Verified and has completed a CHPS scorecard using the 2014 California Criteria. The project is subject to the 2016 California Building Code. The certification project is a collaborative effort between Oakland Unified School District, ID360 (a sustainability consulting firm), Cahill Contractors, LCA Architects (an architectural design firm) and Quattrocchi Kwok Architects (an architectural design firm).

The primary objective of the project is to achieve CHPS Verified for Fremont High School, develop a sustainable design plan, incorporate energy-efficient systems and green building materials. The Fremont High School scope of the CHPS project includes site work, a new gym, and a new modular installation. The scope has been separated into multiple architectural packages and combined for the purposes of the CHPS Verified application.

The ID360 team was contracted to support Cahill Contractors to complete the project’s Design Phase application for CHPS Verification under a separate scope and uniquely suited to support the construction team. The ID360 team collaborated with Cahill Contractors in conducting a comprehensive sustainability assessment and assessing streamlined strategies to aid the contractor in assembling the design phase and construction phase submittal. The ID360 team prepared a strategic implementation of all the CHPS criteria. The ID360 team supported Cahill Contractors with the CHPS submittal process.

Project Highlights

  • Technical analysis of the design compared to the CHPS Scorecard and CHPS Criteria.
  • Design Review CHPS Application submittal and documentation.
  • Construction Phase CHPS Meeting Session with the project General Contractor and Sub-Contractor.
  • Construction Phase CHPS application submittal and documentation.
CHPS Verification for Fremont High School
Client Oakland Unified School District Industry Architecture and Engineering Location Sunnyvale, CA Related Services
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