Prime: Baker Vilar Architects
School: Richmond High School
District: West Contra Costa Unified School District

Baker Vilar Architects is contracted to design a modernization project for Richmond High School for the West Contra Costa Unified School District. The project will be designed and built using the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) New Construction and Major Modernization Criteria. The district is pursuing the High Performance Incentive Program grant by means of using the CHPS Verification Program. CHPS and the DSA have developed a Joint Review Process that enables a project team to perform the CHPS Verification and HPI grant documentation in one submittal. The CHPS approach includes two paths based on the scope and schedule for the project.

The objective of the project is to achieve CHPS Verification for Richmond High School, develop a sustainable design plan, incorporate energy-efficient systems and green building materials. The work for Richmond High School involves 2 paths. Path 1 involves a single CHPS-HPI Verification effort for the boundary including the new 22,100 square- foot “Unit B” building and renovations to the existing 5,900 square-foot “Unit A” building. “Unit B” and “Unit A” will have separate DSA Application numbers and will be combined for the purposes of the CHPS-HPI Joint Review process. “Unit A” and “Unit B” will be packaged and bid individually and will be built by two separate construction teams. Path 2 involves the incorporation of the CHPS Requirements into the design to a 50% Design Development level for a new 31,500 square-foot “Unit C” Classroom and Library building. This application also addresses the incorporation of the CHPS Requirements for the site design and landscape to a 100% Schematic Design level.

The ID360 team was contracted to support Baker Vilar Architects to facilitate the CHPS Verification process and the CHPS-HPI Joint Review. The ID360 team collaborated with Baker Vilar Architects in conducting a comprehensive sustainability assessment and streamlined strategies to aid the contractor in assembling the construction phase submittal and identify areas for improvement and set the baseline metrics. The ID360 team prepared a strategic implementation of all the CHPS criteria. The ID360 team supported Bake Vilar Architects with the CHPS submittal process.

Project Highlights

  • Registration of the CHPS Application 1 project with the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) using the Joint DSA-HPI Joint Review Process.
  • Schematic Design Phase: Integrated Design Charrette at the end of the schematic design phase with the team to review the CHPS Scorecard and Criteria associated Schematic Design Phase Activities.
  • Technical analysis of the schematic design documents compared to the CHPS Scorecard and CHPS Criteria.
  • Design Development Phase: Provide a formal design review to the design team outlining a summary of the criteria that has been met, items to be confirmed, and items to incorporate.
  • Construction Phase CHPS Meeting Session with the project General Contractor and Sub-Contractor.
  • Construction Phase CHPS application submittal and documentation.
CHPS Verification for Richmond High School
Client West Contra Costa Unified School District Industry Architecture and Engineering Location Richmond, CA Related Services
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