ID360 is proud to announce its partnership with the City of Rohnert Park. ID360 was contracted by the City of Rohnert Park to support the City’s sustainability goals including managing climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, implementing and promoting electrification and efficiency programs. This collaboration signifies the City’s unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and a greener, more resilient future.

Recognizing the urgent need to curb carbon emissions and reduce the environmental impact of construction projects, the City of Rohnert Park is undertaking the development of a cutting-edge Energy Reach Code. This code will set ambitious standards for energy performance, encouraging builders and developers to adopt eco-friendly and energy-efficient practices in their projects. By leveraging ID360’s expertise in the energy sector and extensive experience in developing similar codes for forward-thinking communities, Rohnert Park aims to establish a comprehensive Energy Reach Code that will serve as a model for neighboring regions.

“We are thrilled to join forces with the City of Rohnert Park to create an innovative Energy Reach Code,” said Melanie Jacobson, Founder and Principal of ID360. “This collaboration aligns perfectly with the city’s vision to promote sustainability and resilience, ensuring a brighter future for the City of Rohnert Park residents.”

Throughout the policy development process, ID360 will conduct thorough research and analysis, engage in community outreach, and provide a state-wide cost-effectiveness study to ensure the Energy Reach Code’s practicality and efficiency. This inclusive approach will enable the code to address the unique needs and priorities of the community.

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