20th, July 2023 – ID360 is proud to announce its partnership with the Town of Los Altos Hills to support the launch of its Building Electrification Solar App Plus Program. Designed to accelerate the transition to renewable energy and promote sustainability, this innovative initiative is set to revolutionize the way residents harness solar power for their homes.

The Building Electrification Solar App Plus Program aims to empower Los Altos Hills residents by providing a user-friendly platform that streamlines the process of transitioning to solar energy. Through this program, homeowners can access comprehensive resources, expert guidance, and financial incentives to support the installation of solar panels on their properties.

Key features of the Building Electrification Solar App Plus Program include:

  • Seamless Application Process: The program offers an intuitive online application system, allowing residents to easily navigate through the process of applying for solar panel installation permits, incentive programs, and interconnection agreements. The streamlined process ensures efficiency and reduces administrative burdens for homeowners.
  • Personalized Solar Assessments: The program provides personalized solar assessments, utilizing advanced technology to analyze a property’s solar potential. Homeowners will receive detailed reports outlining the estimated energy production, cost savings, and environmental benefits associated with installing solar panels on their homes.
  • Expert Guidance: Residents can benefit from the expertise of certified solar contractors and energy consultants who will provide professional guidance throughout the entire process, from initial assessment to system installation. This ensures that homeowners have access to accurate information and can make informed decisions about their solar energy investments.
  • Financial Incentives: To encourage the widespread adoption of solar energy, the Building Electrification Solar App Plus Program offers attractive financial incentives such as rebates and tax credits. These incentives help reduce the upfront costs associated with solar panel installation, making renewable energy more accessible and affordable for all residents.
  • Community Impact: By participating in the program, Los Altos Hills residents contribute to the city’s sustainability goals and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The increased adoption of solar energy will not only create a cleaner environment but also enhance the overall resilience and energy independence of the community.

ID360, Founder and Principal, Melanie Jacobson expressed her enthusiasm for the Building Electrification Solar App Plus Program, stating, “We are proud to introduce this pioneering program. By leveraging solar energy, we can reduce our carbon footprint, lower energy costs, and create a more sustainable future. We encourage all Los Altos Hills homeowners to take advantage of this initiative and join us as we support the Town of Los Altos Hills commitment to a greener, cleaner community.”

ID360 was contracted by the town to support its sustainability goals and support the town adopting a local energy reach code ordinance in accordance with the requirements of the California Energy Commission (CEC) for existing building remodel and new building constructions. The ID360 team will collaborate with city staff and stakeholder groups in the creation of new green building and energy policies and guidelines that advance the town’s vision to be a leader in sustainable development.

To learn more about ID360’s work and other decarbonization and green code services please visit www.ID360.green