21st of September, 2022, ID360, a leading sustainability, and decarbonization consulting company, has been selected by the City of South Lake Tahoe to support the policy development and adoption of a local energy reach code ordinance for new residential and commercial constructions.  

The City of South Lake Tahoe is in a continued state of economic growth and development opportunity with a focus on innovation, technology, and sustainable development. The City has set local targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions based on the trajectory necessary to meet and exceed the statewide goals. ID360’s work will support the city’s commitment to adopting policies to meet these targets.

The City of South Lake Tahoe has adopted a local Climate Action Plan (CAP) with goals to establish Renewable Energy and Carbon Emissions Reduction and improve the livability of the City. The CAP also aims to provide numerous co-benefits such as new green jobs and improved air quality.

“The new Energy Reach Code goals align with South Lake Tahoe Climate Action Plan and commitment to sustainability and carbon reduction. Our team is looking forward to working with the City in adopting this new policy in support of their Climate Action plan,” said Melanie Jacobson, Principal, and Founder, ID360.

ID360 has a long history of supporting California communities with energy reach code adoption and implementation. In addition to their role with city government and city building officials, ID360 supports continuing education for professionals in the industry through their on-demand training via ID360 Academy.

To learn more about ID360’s work, ID360 Academy, and other decarbonization and green code services please visit www.ID360.green.