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Course The CALGreen Inspector/Plan Examiner Masterclass Exam Prep Bundle
Continuing Education AIA: 9 LU GBCI: 9 General Education Units ICC: 0.9 CE
Type Course, Exam Prep Price $649.00

Welcome to CALGreen Inspector/Plan Examiner Masterclass Exam Prep Bundle!

Students of this course will gain current knowledge about sustainability and green buildings in the context of the 2019 California Green Building Code. This course demystifies green building, sustainable design, and construction strategies and considers CALGreen measures in the context of code enforcement as more jurisdictions adopt new enforcement measures and local green building ordinances. The course explores practical application of code and prepares students to prepare CALGreen checklist, perform plan check and building inspections, and enforce the CALGreen code with efficiency and predictability. The course will also educate design team members on what is expected to achieve code compliance.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain knowledge and background of the 2019 California Green Building Code and understand considerations for the future of CALGreen and sustainable development.
  • Identify triggered projects for the 2019 California Green Building Code and how the mandatory and voluntary measures change the requirements of a project.
  • Increase awareness of logistical impacts of CALGreen regarding plans, specs, permitting, documentation, inspection, and local enforcement. Comprehend code measures by intent, plan check, and inspection requirements.
  • This course will provide the necessary information to pass the ICC CALGreen Inspector/Plans Examiner exam and have a successful career in the building sector.
  • Understand CALGreen code and exam layout.
  • Identify best practices when studying for the ICC CALGreen Plans Inspector/Examiner exam.
  • Successfully take a practice exam in preparation for the real ICC exam.