Top takeaways from Verge 21

Verge 21 is an annual climate tech event with more than 10,000 leaders online from all sectors working to advance solutions to address the climate crisis. We heard from many great speakers and participated in thought-provoking working sessions. Here at ID360, the event raised the question: What is the future of sustainable business?

With our 360 degree approach, we have the unique ability to tackle this question from every angle. At ID360 we see the future of sustainable business centering on three key areas: Decarbonization, Education and Climate Action Planning.


According to a recent McKinsey report, “23 states have plans to decarbonize either their power sectors or their entire economies by at least 80 percent by 2050.”

Decarbonization is one of the best ways for businesses to demonstrate leadership in the community. We work with those in the public and private sectors to decarbonize built environments leading to healthier buildings for all.


Education plays a key role in the future of sustainable business. Educating future green professionals, educating the current workforce to enforce reach codes, and educating those designing built environments to support use of the best materials and design for healthy, sustainable buildings.

That is why here at ID360 we launched our ID360 Academy earlier this year. Catering to working professionals, all of our courses are online and on-demand. Our students work at their pace to complete courses and earn CEUs in areas such as LEED, fundamentals of sustainable design and construction, and CALGreen.

Climate Action Planning

Climate Action Planning is an intricate and often complicated process. The future of sustainable business demands vested community stakeholders who take a 360 approach to planning, management and implementation of their climate action plans.

Our team works with these communities balancing goals with practical solutions. And where we shine is implementation and management.

In conclusion, the future of sustainable business is ever-changing. We are here to support. Contact us to learn more!