ID360 teamed with DNV-GL to create an innovative LEED Review Program for the City of Menlo Park. The ID360 staff incorporated our proven green building program design elements as a guide to inform the structure, strategy, and delivery model. The program is a pathway for the enforcement of the local municipal green building ordinance. The program ensures the highest level of quality control and implementation management for the roll-out and enforcement of the Green Building Program.

The program is designed to create predictability and transparency for the project applicants in all phases of Planning, Plan Check, and Inspection.

Project Highlights

  • Development of LEED Review Compliance Instructions aimed to support City Staff in maintaining a predictable compliance pathway for public applicants
  • Program coordination to support the City planning and building departments
  • Entitlement compliance support for local LEED municipal requirements
  • Plan check and inspection compliance procedures for local green building and energy regulation using the LEED Rating System as a guide.
Green Building Program Development
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